I Dream of Formosa

  In the mid 1990’s there was a massive debate on the future of health insurance. Would the people benefit from a univeral health insurance system provided by the federal government. Some people fell on the side of promoting free market economics and allowing private insurers to engage in capitalism and drive the costs down. … More I Dream of Formosa


  The day I spent at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore created a near-constant release of endorphins in my brain. I felt compelled to write something about it. I tried to get my creative juices flowing so I could paint a picture about what I had experienced. But after several hours trying to get something … More ArtScience

From Here to the Sea

  We had been driving for quite some time, our trip dotted with several detours, by the time we arrived at the final checkpoint. As we came to a stop, there were hundreds of people lining the road, the result of the clearly demarcated “point of no further progress”, which necessitated them leaving their vehicles … More From Here to the Sea

Dude, Prabu

      Prabu was waiting at the Madurai airport when I arrived on Wednesday. Or was it Thursday? I can’t seem to remember what day of the week it is anymore. But that’s besides the point. Actually, on second thought, it was Wednesday, though I had left from Dubai on Tuesday, which is where … More Dude, Prabu

Of the Middle East

  Lighting up the sky across a narrow causeway, I could see a familiar emblem; I was instantly reminded in the 21st century, the world is flat. In another day and another time, if I had seen the “Cleveland Clinic” title and emblem amongst the desert sand dunes of Abu Dhabi, it certainly would have … More Of the Middle East

July in Dubai

  It’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit this evening. Should get down to 95 by Sunrise before peaking at 108 around mid-day tomorrow. In other words: it’s hot. Like spontaneous combustion-level hot. When I arrived late last night I took the walkway in The Dubai Mall to the point nearest my hotel, which I could see as … More July in Dubai

Wrong versus Right

  “It would not be acceptable.” When asked under what circumstances the German people would allow for 10% of their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, friends, and colleagues to be without health insurance, Axel responded, “It would not be acceptable.” As he leaned back in his chair to provide that response, there was a strain … More Wrong versus Right