July in Dubai



It’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit this evening. Should get down to 95 by Sunrise before peaking at 108 around mid-day tomorrow.

In other words: it’s hot.

Like spontaneous combustion-level hot. When I arrived late last night I took the walkway in The Dubai Mall to the point nearest my hotel, which I could see as a shining beacon only a short distance away in the dark Dubai night sky.

When the dry heat blasted me in the soul as I exited the mall, I quickly checked Dubai’s forecast on my iPhone’s Weather Channel icon: 102.

By the time I traversed the 10 minute walk to the front door, I could feel the beads of sweat attempting to sneak past my eye lashes. I  brushed them away only to encounter a plethora of them resting atop my head.

The gentleman who checked me in may have considered telling me I had just missed a shuttle from the Mall to the hotel (as I learned today), but likely thought it wouldn’t have been considered helpful information at the time.

I awoke this morning to look outside my 10th floor window and see what I diagnosed as a whopping amount of dust in the air. My weather app declared it a Dust Storm.

After managing to pull myself from the cocoon of a comfortable blanket and air conditioning, I consumed a small breakfast and retreated to my room on the 10th floor of the hotel.




Only a few hours later, in a seeming combination of sleep deprivation, jet lag, adjusting to the time change, dehydration and scientific inquiry, I decided to wander from my 10th story air conditioned view of the Dust Storm and make my way to the pool.

Not surprisingly, I spent the next hour shuttling between the porous shade provided by the towering hotel and the serenely cold pool, which was in direct assault of the sun’s blistering UV 11. In a true battle of the elements, not even the Dust Storm could cripple the Sun’s seeming desire to melt the concrete surrounding the pool.




After carefully considering calling it quits for the day, (after all,  I did survive a Dust Storm and UV greater than any I experienced in Dominica), I decided to venture back across the street to the Mall.

This time I managed to secure a place on the air conditioned shuttle; whomever brought air conditioning to this part of the world likely has one of the numerous skyscrapers amongst the downtown skyline named after them.

A brief soul-searching 30 seconds stood between the shuttle drop-off point and the entrance to the Mall, which only confirmed in my mind my sincere subconscious desire to prove the theory of spontaneous combustion.




During the subsequent 5 hours, I managed to traverse only half of the Mecca of Western Consumerism and felt as if I had enetered the Twilight Zone each time I saw a Saudi man in traditional garb with his head adorned by a snap-back trucker hat.

{I believe there will be some American truckers who take offense to that co-opting of Western culture.}

Never one to leave my Americanism at home, I managed to get into a small quarrel with the evening shuttle driver over his inference that I could have walked back to the hotel from The Mall. Remembering that I am a stranger in a strange land (See: snap-back trucker hat comment above), I kept my wits about me and allowed him the pleasure of driving me back to the hotel in the 100 degree Dubai night.

Despite its unnecessary occurence, I will not let that one encounter color my first day in Dubai.

Rest assured of one thing though: Wherever and whenever I may find myself the next few days in the United Arab Emirates,  there will be air conditioning.



2 thoughts on “July in Dubai

  1. OH Yes!!! Come visit me! I’ll introduce you to even hotter and sweatier — although you describe it well. Sometimes I’m drowning in my own sweat, or feeling it run in places I didn’t know I could sweat, or convinced I’ll combust. And…. oh the Dubai Mall and all its massiveness. Did you watch the fountains? They are cool. So is sitting in Cheesecake factory in the Emirates mall watching the indoor ski slope (and staying cool) or walking the Ibn Battuta mall. The marina is nice in January… but not so much July! Going to go to my AC room!


    1. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been quite an experience. Would love to visit, but headed to Madurai, India in a few days… will likely only be slightly cooler! Hope you are well!


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